Best SEO Tools To Use In 2020

For many, the topic of Search Engine Optimization or SEO can sound like rocket science. Yes, it can be, especially if you are just starting. Good thing there are plenty of SEO tools that will make your work simpler, and provide you with an understanding of the system. We have compiled them on this list. We have gathered all the best SEO software you can use to bring your website to the first pages of the search engines.


Moz SEO Software

The SEO Software from Moz is a highly recommended SEO tool for 2019. A lot of SEO experts use it. Moz has been up to date despite the various algorithm changes from Google. Many users love their chat feature as it enabled them to get a very insightful reply to their most pressing questions. If you are looking for some keyword suggestions or you need to crawl your website, Moz SEO is a powerhouse. You will receive amazing insights on how your website performs and how exactly you can improve it overall. They likewise have the MozBar which is a toolbar that you can download at no cost to you which enables you to see your website’s metrics.


Ubersuggest For Keyword Tracking

Neil Patel created a genius keyword tracking tool with Ubersuggest. This will enable you to come across a set of keywords and delve deeper by knocking the top-ranking SERP’s for each one of them. You can easily find the best terms to use for your website with thousands of suggestions from short tail to long-tail keyword phrases. It is free to use so you can use it to search competition, CPC, keyword volume, and other important trends. It is perfect for both organic and paid SEO including PPC to know if a keyword is competitive and if it will be well worth using.


Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a 100% free SEO tool that will help you to come across worthwhile topics to write about for your blogs. You can utilize the tool to create content surrounding a particular keyword to rank better online. For example, you can use this SEO tool for the fitness market. You can come up with content for a specific set of keywords such as yoga, fitness, running, exercise, crossfit, and more. It is perfect for finding best-featured snippets. From here you can simply download a list of suggestions, and hand them over to your writer for them to come up with high-quality content. It will take you under 5 minutes to come across the best SEO topics for your website too.



Another great free SEO tool is SpyFu. They also come with a premium version and a lot of experts are raving about their amazing free features. You can view the number of times a specific keyword has been searched every month while you determine the complexity of such a keyword. You can also perform competition research here and know what keywords they use to rank their websites. You can likewise view how many keywords they have, the monthly clicks they are receiving, what is paid and what is organic, ads they created on Google and many others. This is by far the most detailed SEO analysis tool you can get.


Woorank – An SEO ranking tool

Woorank offers both free and paid options that allow you to track and report on your marketing data. You can plug in the competitors to come across the best keywords to target so you can keep up with others. You can get a report on how specific keywords are performing over time, to comprehend your niche market and optimize it further for your users. And above all, you get to fully understand the things that your website is lacking. In terms of the technical and the tool’s content view, these can help you identify the content with duplicates, the downtime, and other security issues, and provides the right guidelines on fixing each of them.


The Majestic

According to SEO experts, the Majestic is by far one of the most notable marketing SEO tools. It comes with a wide array of very useful features such as the Majestic Million. It enables you to view the ranking of the most profitable websites that earn by the millions. On the other hand, the tool also enables you to see a general view of your website’s performance including the number of backlinks you have and where exactly you link to. It also works as a potent SEO keyword tool that enables you to find suitable keywords to rank for. It also has some features that are geared towards site comparisons and tracking your rankings.



Many newbies love SEOQuake. It is one of the best free SEO tools around. This free extension works as a great SEO checking tool that does on-page site auditing, assess both external and internal links while also enabling web comparisons to help you determine how you perform against your many competitors. The other features of this SEO tool comprise keyword analysis, like a keyword density tool, an easy to read SEO dashboard and a 100% export feature that enables you to easily download and send data to key individuals in your SEO team.


Google Trends

Google Trends has been in use for years but it is often neglected and under-utilized. It provides the information surrounding your preferred keyword and it also gives wonderful insight about trends on a certain topic which is very valuable for your business’s growth. Find keywords in any country, get information regarding the leading queries, upcoming queries, interests over time and other geographical places of interest. If you are unsure about the right and best keywords to use for your SEO campaigns, the Google Trends SEO tool is the one for you.



Ahrefs is one of the leading SEO tools you will find on the World Wide Web. It is next to Google when it comes to being the best and largest web crawlers around. Many SEO experts like the Ahref’s site audit tool as it is one of the best SEO analysis tools to use. Ahrefs highlights and assess which part of your website needs further improvement to help ensure the best possible rankings. From the analysis of your competitors, you will be able to know the backlinks they created and use them as your main focal point for your website. Furthermore, you can use this SEO tool to come across the most linked to content around your niche market.


Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is provided for free for anyone to use. The console allows you to monitor and report on the presence of your website in Google’s SERPs. All you must do is add a piece of code on your website or have it pass through Google Analytics and then submit your sitemap for further indexing. Even though you do not have a keyword or page that appears in Google’s search engine results you can manage whatever gets indexed and how exactly your website is further represented. The Search Console is a perfect SEO checker tool as it enables you to comprehend how Google and the users see your website and let you optimize it for best performance and user experience as a whole.


The SEMRush

Many in the SEO community use marketing SEO tools such as SEMRush. They love how easily one can assess their rankings and change them to a new ranking possibility for their websites. One of the leading features of this SEO tool is the Domain vs. Domain evaluation where it lets you compare your website and pit it against those of your competitors. When you are looking for specific analytics reporting that can help you understand your website’s search data, competitor, and traffic, you can do so by easily comparing domains and their keywords. The SEMRush On-page SEO checker lets you watch your rankings in real-time and find the best recommendations on how to enhance your site’s performance.


The SEO Keyword Tool – KWFinder

The KWFinder is an effective SEO Keyword Tool that allows you to find a long-tail set of keywords or key phrases that come with a low level of competition on the web. Many SEO experts use this particular SEO tool to come across the best set of keywords and to quickly run an analysis report on the backlinks as well as SERP or Search Engine Results Page of their websites. The KWFinder Rank Tracker tool enables you to quickly assess your ranking as you track the overall improvement of your website following one key metric as measurement. And, if this does not suffice, you will be able to obtain a set of brand new keyword ideas that will help you rank your website higher in the search engine results.


SEO can make or break any website. When you have the best tools at your disposal and follow the best practices, you can increase your traffic and put your website in the first pages of the search engine results. However, when you fail to do all these, you can be penalized for failing to comply with industry standards. These best SEO tools for 2019 can help you get back on track.

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