About us.


We only work with certain brands who are the best in the industry. They work with us because we are the best at ranking sites.

Partners not clients

We want to forge new and lasting relationships that are based on win-win partnerships. You are not our clients, we are your growth partners.


We are all after honesty and crystal clear communications. We are here to work closely with you every step of the way. You can count on us to deliver what is promised.

About Aphex Media

Aphex Media was founded by Adrian Borg in 2018 after working for several years as Head of SEO and several other positions in the casino industry.

Using his inside knowledge of the niche, he identified several gaps in the market and founded Aphex Media to close such gaps.

Along the way, Aphex Media built a strong team of experts in the industry making Aphex a strong (if relatively discreet) player in the industry.

You can probably also see that we are huge fans of the musician, composer and DJ, Aphex Twin, which is were we were inspired for the name.



Where We Are And Who We Work With

Aphex operates out of the Maltese jurisdiction, which has several legislative frameworks to support the gaming, financial, pharma and other industries.

Aphex Media is fully remote, with team members in several countries including Malta, Slovenia, Morocco, India, the Philippines and more.

Our clients and geographies also span the globe, we have clients in the United States, the United Kingdom, Latin America, Baltics, Nordics, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Meet our team.

Passion is the name of the game

the best people to support your project

Adrian Borg – Founder and CEO.


Early-riser, family man, highly-strategic, never stops planning, pushing and growing.

David Attard – Head of Marketing Operations


Husband + dog daddy, persistent, strategic, would rather listen than talk, enjoys mentoring. 

Rok – Head of Development and IT Operations


Sarcastic techie, applies technology brilliantly to get SEO wins.

Rene Magri – Account Management and Sales

Satyajit Biswas – Web Design Manager

Have any project in mind?