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At Aphex Media we know the absolute, uncontested power of link networks when it comes to ranking in highly competitive niches.

If you take a look at our case-studies, you’ll see the amazing results that our link networks keep getting for our clients.

But how are these link networks different and why are they so powerful?

Power + Relevance

When you discuss links, you’ll find that most people use links to power up their money pages. You’ll probably encounter buzzwords like link juice, or people who will quote different sorts of metrics (Domain Authority, Trust Flow, etc.)

While without a doubt, link power is one of the primary reasons for building a link network, you’ll find that most people will build “generic” websites and then send links to various different websites in different niches.

This diminishes the power of the links in two ways:

  1. The power of the links is split between all of the websites which are being linked to. Simply put, the link power is split between all outgoing links
  2. A generic link will typically not have enough relevance to the niche you need to rank. This means you’ll need more links to achieve a good result.

Our link networks are different.

We build powerful link networks to order.

This means that your link networks will NEVER be shared with other websites. This means that all of the power is transferred to your money pages, meaning each link sent is extremely powerful.

We also build relevant links networks.

We know what niche we will link to (let’s say casino), so from the get-go, we build our networks with topical relevance to the niche we will be linking to.

The combination of these two features means that our link networks have a double-effect of pushing all the power of the network together with all of the relevance the niche needs.

Centrally managed, No Footprint Networks

Our link network build SOP has been carefully designed to ensure that our link networks have absolutely zero footprint.

Creating a no footprint network that can be centrally managed is no mean feat.

However, we have been refining our SOP over several years. These days, our link networks cannot be distinguished from normal sites, either programatically or even manually.

Our link networks simply look like regular websites!

In fact, to be able to do this, we have a developed a fully-custom in-house software (over a period of 3 years!) that enables to manage the link networks in a fully centralised manner.

This centrally management system allows us to scale our link networks to unprecedented volumes while keeping the costs down, such that we can offer the best ROI when it comes to building and maintaining such networks.

In fact, we have literally thousands of link networks under management.

link network management

Our links networks feature:

  • Metrics that have been proven to improve rankings
  • Spam-free domains with powerful pages and incoming links
  • A multitude of different registrars
  • Use various premium theme designs featuring different layouts (blog, premium blog, magazine, business, conference, shop, etc.)
  • No sharing of IPs
    Various plugins deployed on different link networks to ensure no patterns
  • Variety of content generated in different ways

We also power up our link networks with their own links to ensure that the network remains powerful even if any of its original links are lost.

Regular Maintenance

The real power of link networks comes from keeping the network healthy and well-maintained. Any website which is not keep current quickly loses all of its power and relevance.

At Aphex Media, we also have a full SOP around keeping our link networks healthy.

This ensures the link power of the network is maintained over time.

Our maintenance procedure includes:

  • Regularly adding of scheduled content deployed over several months
  • Topping of link power through additional links to each domain
  • Full backup of the link network to ensure the ability to restore any domain that is lost or compromised for any reason
  • Domain monitoring with weekly tests to ensure that the domain passes our QA test and automatic fixing of any issues discovered


our several years of experience building link networks have allowed us to automate many of the steps required in the building and maintenance of the link networks, with manual interventions kept to the absolute necessary.

This means that we can keep our costs for these link networks as low as possible. We pass on these savings to our clients in the form of the cheapest custom builds for link networks you’ll find.

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