SEO Campaigns

So you’ve got a site which you’ve poured your blood, sweat and tears into … and it just won’t get the traffic you hoped it would.

Or maybe it’s getting traffic, but not to the pages you actually want to rank.

You’ve tried it all. You did good on-page, you sent links, you optimized the content for user intent.

But Google just won’t give the money pages the love you’ve given them.

This is where Aphex Media can you.

With our many years of experience diagnosing cryptic SEO problems, we can find those hard-to-figure-out issues that are holding your website back. We can then apply fixes which will jump start your rankings to where they should be in the shortest time possible.

Our SEO campaigns are targeted to fix exactly these sort of problems.

Have a look at the below, the arrow is when we started working on the site.

start of campaign organic traffic

We don’t just apply SEO tools and technical SEO audits. We will dive deeply into all aspects of your website and figure out what fixes you can implement both for the short-term, and for the long-term SEO health of your website.

Competitive Niches

Finance. Health / Medical. Casino / Gambling. Adult. CBD. Pharma. Dating. Weight Loss.

If you operate in a hard to rank, competitive niche – we are well-equipped for it.

In these industries both the on-page and the off-page need to spot-on, otherwise you won’t get any rankings.

Once again, our experience working in these niches gives you the peace of mind that we are able to get top rankings for your money keywords as quickly as possible.

For on-page we have custom developed SOPs to fix any existing hard to detect problems that could be holding back a site which we apply iteratively to money pages.

As for off-page, we have access to all types of links to give your site all the power, authority and relevance it needs to rank.

Whether through our powerful link networks, outreach links and guest posts, or niche edits, we have a blend of links to enable to get you rankings with an ROI that makes sense for you.

How We Work

Finding the right SEO partner is challenging. A good SEO partner can power your growth, but how can we guarantee that our results work? The way we work is that we start a relatively short-campaign, typically 6 months, where we prove that we can get rankings in your niche. Once you start seeing results, we develop a longer term plan so that any longer-term fixes or plans can be put in place to really power up your growth.

Want to get some results fast?

Let’s talk, come up with a strategy that makes sense for you and rank your site for your most important money keywords with our powerful link networks.

Fill in the form below with your details, (include niche, geos/languages and monthly budgets) and we’ll be in touch within 24 hours on work days.

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