SEO is not SLOW.
We focus on getting our clients an ROI within weeks (not months)

Contrary to what you have been told, SEO is not SLOW. They are just not using the right approach.
We use custom developed tools and methods to bring results...FAST!

Our Agile SEO Process

Weeks 1 and 2 :
Audit + Fix

We run a custom developed SEO Audit + Competitor Analysis that focuses ONLY on tasks that will move the needle. This lays the foundations for our next phases.

Weeks 3 and 4 : Topical Authority

We create and upload content at scale to ensure that the site goes into full topical authority mode. We ensure money pages are fully clustered with other topically relevant content.

Weeks 1 to 8 :
Build links + virality

We build links aggressively to money and supporting pages to ensure the site gets the link power it needs. We also create viral social signals to trigger a SERP reevalution.

Our tried and tested agile SEO process is able to compress SEO campaigns and achieve fast SEO results for ALL our clients. Instead of prolonging the process to milk every last cent, we can typically achieve an ROI for our clients within weeks of starting an SEO campaign.

We literally mobilize most of our SEO team and go “All-In” for the first few weeks of a campaign to ensure that the site is technically ready to rank and then push hard with links and social signals to give the site all the positive signals that the Google algorithm expects.


Our Results

UK Tech Site :
From page 3 to top rankings in 6 weeks

results in weeks

We took a tech site in the UK that had been stuck on page 3 to the top SERPs in 8 weeks.

Dutch Casino : From page 3 to 1st position in less than 3 months


Dutch casino site to 1st position in 10 weeksWe took over the work of another SEO agency, fixed a number of issues and got the page to position 1 for many head term money keywords.

German Casino : Google Penalty Recovery within weeks

We put into a place a number of actions simultaneously to reverse a severe downward trend to an upward trend within weeks.

Our Full Range of Services

Customer-Focused, Data Driven.

We are a customer-centric full service SEO agency that firmly believes that data-driven decisions are critical to achieving top rankings with excellent ROI for our clients.

Expert Team, Top Rankings

We've been doing SEO for more time than is probably healthy for us! With our many years of expertise we can help you the best solution to get you top money keyword rankings. We don't just get you clicks. We boost your bottom-line.

Our Commitment To You

We have helped businesses big and small, in highly competitive niches (Casino, Health, Finance, CBD, Ecommerce), drive more clients to their business by doing the stuff that actually works. We simply rank.

Our Target, Page 1, Position 1

We aim high. Anything less than position 1 is not good enough for us. Our target is to rank your money keywords on the 1st page of Google results. We will work closely with you to define your most important money pages, define a strategic plan for ranking these pages, and then use our carefully crafted SEO techniques to bring your business local and global reach, where it matters

You’re In Good Hands

With years of SEO, product marketing, CRO, software development and niche industry experience, we can help companies in highly competitive and lucrative industries, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands with us. We have been the drivers of growth for several companies. We come up with a customized SEO plan that is based on reaching and exceeding the company’s potential.

Partner With Us.

Actions speak louder than words. Check out some of our case studies above.

These case studies showcase some of our tried and tested strategies, put to work. The same strategies, applied to your assets are sure to offer guaranteed results and the best outcomes for both of us.

You're not our clients. We are your partners.

Who is Aphex Media?

Aphex Media Founder and CEO Adrian Borg at SiGMA SEO Panel with other SEO Superstars Kyle Roof, Craig Campbell and Mike Pearse

Full range of SEO Services For Startups and All Businesses in Highly-Competitive Industries ​

Aphex Media is the top SEO Agency in Malta. If you’re looking for Casino SEO, gambling, or any other hard niche, we’ve got your back.

Those are bold claims, but we’ve got the results and the technology to prove it!

Aphex Media was founded by Adrian Borg, after having spent many years working within the casino and sports betting industry with various vendors.

Since then, we’ve head-hunted some of the top-talent in the industry and now run a lean, remote-only, full service SEO agency that caters for the specific needs of aggressive and high competition industries.

The agency has grown to about 75 people, between SEOs, developers, product marketers, web designers and a whole army of assistants that can execute our custom, in-house developed SOPs. We implement SEO strategies for startups, casino vendors and affiliates, financial services companies, various health niches, e-commerce businesses, and other brands, mostly in niches where organic traffic is highly competitive.

Some of the top-tier money keywords we’ve ranked over the years:

  • “Online casino” in more than 8 countries / languages
  • slot machines
  • online betting 
  • live roulette
  • live casino
  • CSGO
  • Fortnite
  • bitcoin casinos
  •  and many many others

We Don't Follow SEO Trends - We Create Them

We Don't Play By The Rules. We Break Stuff. We Set The Trends. We Bring Results.

Our SEO game is built in-house. 

We don’t follow the SEO gurus to copy what is the current SEO trend.

We test, we analyze, we break stuff, we tune – until we get good results. We discover what works and apply the results aggressively.

Our SEOs are always running SEO tests, using custom-development, automation, AI or whatever else works. We don’t limit our resources when it comes to getting good results.

We build in-house tools to achieve a strategic, competitive advantage.

in house developed seo tools

We automate repetitive tasks so that our SEOs can work on the stuff that matters, while we can scale AND stay lean so we can offer competitive prices. 

When you work with us, you’re working at the cutting-edge of the SEO game.

About Us - Top Casino SEO Agency

We are more than AN SEO agency - We are a Casino SEO agency. We bring results in gambling and other high competition niches.

Team Work

We are a tight-knit team even if we are 70+ person company. We are fully remote, but we make sure we meet up regularly whether in Malta or beyond.

We offer our employees a personal growth path and incentives to ensure a solid team we can build on.

Growth + Results

We're not happy just working. Our results are fully KPI driven and focused on achieving growth for our partners and our own portfolio of sites.

Fully Remote

We are based out of Malta where we gained our experience in the casino niche. We are a fully remote company. Talent isn't bound by geographies. We have in employees in several countries including Malta, Slovenia, Spain, Poland, Morocco, Israel, Philippines, India and more.

Here are a few of our team enjoying a spot on team-building in one of our meetups in the beautiful lakes of Slovenia.


We Don't Just Deliver the Work. We Bring the Money traffic.

Some of Big Brands / Companies We've Worked With


Check Out Some of Our SEO BLOGS and results

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